Affinity applies a professional team approach to marketing solutions
First of all, we understand it makes sense to hire only the agency talent needed to complement the internal resources of your company. We listen to you and tailor the right blend of planning, advice and support to fit your business needs and goals.
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How We Work

We’ll work with you to define your best prospects, and then develop programs to attract them.

Affinity’s formula for your success is to thoroughly research and analyze your situation to develop the strongest market positioning and engineer strategic solutions to capitalize on it. We’re careful to integrate all the elements of a marketing program to properly reinforce the brand, producing a powerful and sustained impression on your target market.

Before creative work begins on any project, we develop a creative work plan for your approval.

The plan is a brief summary that defines your main objective, tone and attitude of the communication, the target audience, the promise or main idea, supporting points (proof), and required inclusions. Once accepted, this plan serves as a guide to keep the creative solution focused, making creative reviews easy to evaluate.

Experience has shown that this approach helps to integrate the solutions into your organization, brings focus to everyone’s efforts, results in more potent marketing and wastes less energy getting there.

Written plans, estimates and schedules for creative and production are submitted in advance.

We’ll keep you informed of our progress and communicate any new circumstances or opportunities that may suggest deviation from the plan. If we need to adapt quickly to changing conditions, we’ll develop contingencies or re-estimate a project to stay on track.

In managing outside resources, competitive bids are requested and evaluated. We negotiate in your best interest and identify smart ways to leverage your budget.

The plans, concepts, images, artwork and marketing materials produced become your intellectual property and graphic assets.

All our creative work is produced digitally and archived for easy access. We put every communication through a strict proofreading and correction process to ensure accuracy. You will receive proofs for review, corrections and final approval before publication.

All of our work processes are designed to deliver exactly what you want from your marketing resource.

Our growing firm consists of six talented professionals - capable of providing a wide array of marketing support and coordinating multiple outside resources. We’re here to provide more than relief. We get results.