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We will help grow your business with proven marketing strategies and creative communications that stimulate inquiries, amplify your brand, build lasting relationships and drive sales.
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Affinity works to connect your business with the right people, building awareness of the benefits you offer with highly relevant communications that motivate them to take action.

We have a tremendous amount of creative energy, know-how and deep resources to make very compelling and professional impressions on your market. Tap into our energy for the marketing power you need – from a single project to comprehensive marketing guidance and support.

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How to Improve Your Marketing ROI

After all, generating profits from marketing is the whole point. Productive marketing is part art and science. It is not 100% predictable and needs to be monitored closely. If you are not measuring results from your marketing efforts, then you are likely wasting money. We start by defining the metrics for success of a given campaign, then employ several ways to measure response, keeping the focus on what is working best.

What Advertising Media to Use and Why

The choice of media channels is vast. What works best? Print and TV or digital media like Internet, email or social media? Profiles of your best customers and prospects will determine the media channels to effectively reach them, based on their preferences and habits. To be successful, the selected media must facilitate making multiple impressions on your audience, because repetition is what makes advertising work.

Three Key Elements of Every Successful Campaign

Every promotional campaign shares the same three critical elements: the Audience, the Media used to reach them and the Message communicated. All three need to be on target for the campaign to be successful. Affinity Marketing ensures your success by researching and defining these three elements for every campaign. The result is extraordinary focus and vision that will inspire your entire organization.

"The services provided by Affinity Marketing have exceeded my expectations; my business has increased two-fold since we enlisted their services. Right from the beginning, I knew that Affinity Marketing was a company I could count on. The image I have always envisioned for Master Restoration has now come to life. I would highly recommend Affinity Marketing to any business who is looking to improve their marketing strategies."
– Jarrett Dixon, Master Restoration, LLC