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Stay Ahead of Your Competition

Branding begins with profiling your ideal prospects and positioning your brand to be most attractive to them. We communicate what your company stands for — what makes you different or better than the competition while motivating your target market to take action.

Our goal is to win market share for you by clearly defining your unique niche, emphasizing your advantages while exploiting the weaknesses of your competitors — positioning your brand as a desirable category leader. 


Professional Communications Win More Business

Your entire organization should be hyper-aware of your core brand values. We help to consistently promote these values and customer benefits across all marketing communication channels with professionally crafted copy and graphics. 

Our advertising agency has boatloads of creative energy, know-how and deep resources to make very compelling and professional branding impressions on your market. Tap into our energy for the marketing consulting you need – from a single project to comprehensive marketing guidance and support.

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Frequency and Repetition Drive Results

Many advertisers make the mistake of trying too many different promotions without sticking to one long enough to give it a chance to work. Our marketing consulting emphasizes sensible advertising investments that deliver multiple impressions and use tracking mechanisms to facilitate improving response and sales conversions. Ask us about smart ways to keep your brand in front of your target market with frequency and repetition — driving more sales and referral business.

"We are very pleased with the advertising and marketing campaign developed by Affinity for Offshore Sailing School. Your dedication to the success of our company has continued with innovative ideas and superb execution throughout the many 

years of our long collaboration."

Doris Colgate, CEO and President, Offshore Sailing School

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"The marketing consulting services provided by Affinity Marketing have exceeded my expectations; my business has increased two-fold since we enlisted their services. Right from the beginning, I knew that Affinity Marketing was an advertising agency I could count on. The image I have always envisioned for Master Restoration has now come to life. I would highly recommend Affinity Marketing to any business who is looking to improve their marketing and branding strategies."

Jarrett Dixon, Owner - Master Restoration, LLC

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