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Are trade shows & events the way to go for relatively big ticket items?

Word of mouth is how we sell 99% but always want to do more - thoughts? 

We are a golf cart dealership.

The short answer is yes. Bringing your product to the people allows you to reach new qualified prospects that may not otherwise find their way to your showroom. Trade shows attract people interested or even passionate about your industry category and engage all the senses as attendees experience your product. For luxury items like yachts for example, boat shows are fantastic for showcasing product, allowing folks to walk through and get a feel for the boat, receive immediate answers to their questions and build a rapport with the broker.

To get the most out of the show, you need to have a solid strategy for how you are going to attract people to your display, motivate people to buy (limited time offer), gather qualified leads and follow up on them. You could offer the opportunity to sign up for a test drive for serious candidates!

Focus on your unique brand position: what makes your Golf Carts a better investment and a more satisfying experience than your competition's? (... the competition will definitely be there so you need to shine!). Communicate the advantages of your brand in all marketing channels: before, during and after the show.


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